Proudly representing different regions of the US, a first-time retsu foursome appears to dish on a whole mess of random topics for an hour. Join slowbeef (east), Diabetus (south), Dave_O (west) and new guest Chip Cheezum (north) of fame as they discuss a bit more about the Wii U and Minecraft. New territory is also covered with such topics like No More Heroes 2, Deadly Premonition (WARNING: SPOILERS ON THIS GAME), Dangan Ronpa, LP moderating, new games everybody's into, and weird fan emails that Chip gets. Chip also opens up for the very first time ever about the origin story of his partnership with previous podcast guest and Metroid: Other M apologist General Ironicus. Dave_O gushes on Baldur's Gate a little bit, the gang chats about Dead Rising, co-op in general, Other M, and Final Fantasy/Square Enix. Pretty sure each topic listed gets maybe like 30-60 seconds of coverage, it's chaos!

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The Beef, the Betus and the Dave_O celebrate their first trio podcast with another trio podcast, i.e. another amazing hour-long chill session. What started as a well-outlined agenda quickly goes out the window once slowbeef abandons all sense of professionalism by letting crickets join him during the recording. The gang talks about a whole host of stupid crap like card counting, Batman (WARNING: MILD DARK KNIGHT RISES SPOILERS BUT NOTHING TOO SERIOUS SO DON'T YELL AT US ABOUT IT), Superman, weed (duh), the weather again, Street Fighter, Spacechem, our buddies and hopefully future friends of the show The Freelance Astronauts, plus we briefly discuss a super popular YouTube person who pretends to be scared at video games. It's a jam-packed hour so strap in and prepare to hang out.

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