Slowbeef catches Diabetus up on business school and reveals that he will be the future mastermind behind the Wii U's marketing strategy. Diabetus wants to discuss his Steam sale acquisitions but realizes that it'll fall on deaf Mac ears. The conversation goes downhill fast, so who will save Retsutalk? A surprise 3rd guest comes out of the woodwork and the chat turns towards Minecraft and scare cams and probably some other garbage. Also huge thanks to nrich for the great intro!

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In an entertainment industry oversaturated with sequels, Retsutalk seizes the opportunity to follow suit and make a follow-up podcast to Sidekick Chat. It would be a minisode if it weren't almost twice as long as what we've done so far! Ironicus returns for more and receives tenure as he lectures his way through the entirety of Dungeons and Dragons history. We go into a little more sidekicky type stuff since we somehow skipped that in the actual Sidekick Chat episode. Then for whatever reason Kickstarter, the Metal Gear Solid franchise, and Dr. Who all get brought up. It's a hail mary of conversation topics so Ironicus won't ever need to come back again!

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It's a landmark day in podcasting as two sidekicks come together for the first time [citation needed] in episode 3 of Retsutalk. General Ironicus lends his sidekick-like talents to ChipCheezum's LP catalog as well as their RP YouTube channel that is clearly a total ripoff of what is ours, because we alone have the privilege of making fun of video game clips in our spare time. Now Ironicus joins Diabetus for a pleasant conversation about their respective geographies, Dungeons and Dragons, Footloose, and what it's like to be years behind in gaming. 

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We experience a sophomore slump in podcasting as we hopelessly try to find interesting things to dish on in episode 2. It's a free-for-all of random topics as we intensely discuss the Jersey Shore, New Orleans, iPhone games (and games games), business school, Pokemon (????), and more LP forum lore. Still working on that whole "structure" thing, but at least we keep it all spoiler free this time! I feel we should reiterate that we still have no idea what we're doing or why. 

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