We're back from podcast hiatus! Beef and Betus catch you up on what's going on with the thrilling world of weird Flash games, weird anime games, and weird Internet personalities.

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Returning guest Proton Jon joins slowbeef and Diabetus to chat about the latest in their exciting gaming lives and then have some real talk about all this Nintendo brouhaha.

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Welcome to the very first...guestpurodcast?!?!?! Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus, recording onsite in Chicago, recount their experiences at C2E2 (The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo).

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AM transports Beef n' Betus into a hellish scenario in which they must debrief about Harlan Ellison's 50-year-old short story turned video game. There's also some light chat on Bioshock Infinite (don't worry, there are no spoilers!), Sleeping Dogs, some additional PAX chat, and streaming.

Big thanks to Joe Roman who did the music for this episode's intro, and also to JohnSullivanMusic who provided a very chill jazzy outro!

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We bring ALL OF PAX with us for the day 2 recap.

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slowbeef, Diabetus, and Cherrydoom reflect on their day 1 PAX experience.

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See, it's post-pre-PAX chat but it's still before PAX...

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Beef n' Betus have a quick chat before they travel to PAX to navgtr the complex the nerd landscape of video games. The duo has a brief retsublitz post-mortem, and slowbeef wants to get back into doing LP instead of just punishing people for it! For some reason they also talk about smoking.

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Announcement: RetsuBlitz (™) Is Not Limited to YouTube

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Happy Holidays! As a gift to the Dangan Ronpa readers out there, an extra-long interview with orenronen, author of the Dangan Ronpa LPs. NOTE: THIS PODCAST ENTIRELY SPOILS DANGAN RONPA. DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST THREAD!

Thanks again to orenronen for staying up late and doing this. Sorry I'm a terrible interviewer and maybe now I can finally stop talking about this fucking game on the podcast.

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