Now that the Harvester wrongpurae is complete, it's time to reflect, discuss what we witnessed, and still come away completely clueless. We then talk about another controversial YouTube celebrity and come away completely clueless about that too.

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Dear Richard, this was a trainwreck.

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slowbeef and Diabetus...sound off!

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slowbeef licks the heels of someone who is "YouTube Important"

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We once again rely on the audience to inspire us with amazing new podcast content.

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slowbeef and Diabetus return to the usual cas' format and chat in front of another live Internet audience about oodles of stuff.

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And here's what happens when slowbeef gets put in charge of a live streamed podcast.

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We're back to the standard format with beef n' betus doing something very chatlike.

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Diabetus and co-cost Cherrydoom tackle the first livestreamed Retsutalk with a smorgasbord of exciting guests representing just about every gaming-related topic that exists. Originally streamed at

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slowbeef and Diabetus have a (knights of the) round table discussion on ROMhacking and Final Fantasy for some reason.

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