Happy Holidays! As a gift to the Dangan Ronpa readers out there, an extra-long interview with orenronen, author of the Dangan Ronpa LPs. NOTE: THIS PODCAST ENTIRELY SPOILS DANGAN RONPA. DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST THREAD!

Thanks again to orenronen for staying up late and doing this. Sorry I'm a terrible interviewer and maybe now I can finally stop talking about this fucking game on the podcast.

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Our podcast adventures continue as Proton Jon talks to us about a strange day in nerd history, slowbeef remarks on some difficulties with uploading videos, and it's determined that the Mayan calendar's prediction to armageddon lines up with PewDiePie and TobyGames popularity. Finally, Gabriel Knight's a pretty cool game as I understand it.

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slowbeef returns from his honeymoon to tell Diabetus and podcast newcomer/Let's Play French Canadian ambassador Psychedelic Eyeball about his times abroad, which were mostly spent playing 999 sequel Virtue's Last Reward. Psychedelic Eyeball also talks about puddles.

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Diabetus brings back friends of the show Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus of fame. The gang digests Thanksgiving food while talking about fun times during the holiday season. Chip offers his first impressions of the Wii U and tells us about the dumbest person in the world. Ironicus jerked off a goat or something.

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Diabetus brings in old pals Dectilon and Phiggle to talk about hard games and why we loathe ourselves by playing them.

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slowbeef talks about all the BREAKING NEWS in his very hectic life! Diabetus is there too.

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Slowbeef and Diabetus screech expletives for an hour to gain your approval and thousands of new subscribers...and talk about the latest in Internet controversy. This was recorded before General Ironicus wrote an excellent blog post on this topic, so please check that out (Google "Chip and Ironicus" and you'll find it) as it summarizes everything very well and eliminates the need for us to have even talked about any of this! 

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Slowbeef and Diabetus have a quick pow-wow as an excuse to show off an amazing new intro from cool fella SegaSky that pretty much upstages everything. The duo chats about Snatcher and Policenauts,, some retsucontroversy, and they tackle more of your Tweeter questions! 

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Retsutalk finally treads international waters as the gang welcomes overall nice guy and con/panel enthusiast Proton Jon. Slowbeef plays Binding of Isaac throughout the entire podcast (so blame him for the occasional keyboard clicky sounds), Jon tells us a bit about his con experience, Diabetus recommends Peace Walker, and Dave_O goes to the bathroom (US) / washroom (Canada)!

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Slowbeef, Diabetus and Dave_O are so tired of doing all the hard work of coming up with topics for conversation that they turn to Twitter for help. Unfortunately the first half of this recording was lost but enjoy what was salvaged. Also slowbeef was sick or lost his voice or something whenever this was recorded.

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